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Have you ever climbed to the top of a mountain on a jet ski?

Change can be for better or for worse, and most of the time, it’s both.  But no matter how our minds perceive a little switch of direction, it will never stop happening and nothing is immune to it.  Not even … Continue reading

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Vociferous Intent

Sometimes being bad is funny.  There’s a sort of ironic humor in some things, like hey- that happened and it wasn’t supposed to LOL!!  Everybody has laughed at a friend’s use of poor judgment.  Their low level of intelligence, or … Continue reading

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this is happening.

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An open apology

I’m sorry. Right now, you may be thinking: “Oh, an apology for the recent lack of updates, how predictable.” And then what? You’d expect me to get down on my web logging knees, beg your pardon, and promise I’ll never … Continue reading

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Networking nowadays is so social!  Facebook!  You have an account!  I have an account!  We can be internet friends!  If you hire a clown for your child’s 9 year birthday party, what the hey- friend request him!  Lost contact with … Continue reading

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