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I said “load”

“If you know your history, Then you would know where you coming from” -Bob Marley Since January is official  family history month, I fancied it an appropriate time to publicly explore the delicately personal subject of ancestry for any of … Continue reading

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Because We All Have A Dream

It has been said that our dreams define who we are.  Our aspirations and goals are the purest mirror to our souls, basically summarizing who we are and how we differentiate from one another. Many people feel uncomfortable about sharing … Continue reading

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B Clips Are Sea Clips And Embarrassment Is Fun.

I just said B clips? That’s embarrassing.  Embarrassment will be a theme today.  And probably tomorrow, too.  But not the next day.  3 days in a row… That would just be embarrassing. The short motion picture that you are about … Continue reading

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