The Indigent Mutiny of Getting From Point A to Point Probably Not B: Greyswine Bus

Wrote this at some point before this present moment.  Red wine whispers into my ear, says proofreading is not a good idea.  I listen to red wine.  You should, too.


Everyone already knows that the greyhound bus service is sibling to the distinctively horrible SPIRIT airlines- born the bastard hate child of inexpensiveness and an attitude of seething disdain towards the entire customer base.

In spite of rambling on about all of the painful intricacies of the ordeal, I’ll put it this way: the degenerate sub-society of greyhound employees completely fucked up at every chance they got.  And rest assured, every hound I encountered certainly lacked a chromosome or three, taking the bewildered rage they feel towards the science of genetics out on any customer pompous enough to approach their rightful habitat, the ticket counter.

On  a side note of blatant irrelevance, my taxi driver on the way to the bus station had himself an interesting life story.  He was born in Iraq, moved to Iran in the midst  of the Iraq-Iran episode of the Persian Gulf War, eventually moving to the states when he was 22.  He assured me that the vast majorities of Middle Easterners like America and Americans.  What they dislike is the American government.  Well, if they like us, and we like them… Call me a senile lunatic, a delusional atheist to all things patriotic (oil), but encounters like that make me believe it’s possible to live in a world where intelligent people put time and effort into things other than designing nuclear chodes capable of setting life back by destroying most existence for miles upon miles.  But what the hey, penis roaches can survive it, right?

In conclusion, I would rather travel on foot with a homosexually cannibalistic tribe of Icelandic aborigines on religious pilgrimage to go see a no doubt concert than partake on another hell ride on the back of a greyswine bus.

Red wine told me this was a good picture to put up.

Red wine told me this was cool too. Red wine also says to me that females (Kara) deserve(s) not only my best regards, but also my love and that money is just stupid and that I shouldn't care about it. Red wine, are you bipolar?

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2 Responses to The Indigent Mutiny of Getting From Point A to Point Probably Not B: Greyswine Bus

  1. macklin bridgens says:

    babbababa u r smart but im a godly genuise brrbrbrbr u talk bout things that hit ur mind but u dont no that all these things are made for a set up reason because all this lives are so complex and liife has a million directions and ways to go its so complex that the man who ever the fuck it is is directing it the president not even close ya right every 4 years get a new person they have the man going for ever knowing everything about the world time phycology everything like 1 second of our time thinking is a billion of wat they have cia blah blah then see facebook was made to keep change or better adhere everyone to the new tech nology inwerding into their brainwaves bitchaall then u get nd u no movies are allso made to cohere and satisfy them i sometimes see the future for myself nd im being watched caue im the watchmen as u r u no greyhound buses hav a simple backcheck meaning as do cars and traffic lights example as i explained facebook but i could go on but im to shizsty nis to laaa about blach

  2. macklin bridgens says:

    listen to nirvana and wawa geese food u folow geese to go warm thats human pure meaning wawa is a conspiracy along with mcdonalds apple computer apple is the derivation of idk but its the adam and eve apple ipod i mac its all iiiiiiii to have it technology get it think bout it they watch from there fuckin satellites they fuckin watch from therre satellites i said they fuckin that means yes and im not gonna lie everyone is hollow and no ones pure got raped now ur power of love is below ur eye not full on top the angles of society are real there the ones who were shamed THE FUCKIN LION KING poeple are born loins king but there shamed kurt cobain listen to his ssongs the doors listen lyrics put it together born god complexes in the sun as one energy overload

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