Pen 15 Club

On June 19, 2011, I ranted my stance on Nike’s inapt interest in surfing.  At that point in time, I had at least 15 (more followers than Jesus when he started) people who would check this site on a semi-regular basis.  In regard to honesty, I could go through the analytical statistics that wordpress provides and see the actual number of views this website got that day, but I am instead choosing to let my fingers tickle the keys of this 2008 wine stained white macbook like it’s the tickling booth at the 1994 Kentucky state fair.

Since that fateful day, I have not communicated any of the immature thoughts that my brain regularly produces on this website.  It was sad!  But not that sad, kind of like a pet hamster passing away or a mortgage crisis when you’re upper middle class.

In response to this relatively sad event of no posts in nearly a year, I solemnly vow to tickle words on this website as often as deemed necessary by a council consisting of John Kerry (he never won president), one of Alec Baldwin’s siblings (TBA), and John McCarvel (CEO of Crocs footwear).

The future is in their hands.  Here is a picture of a horse.


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One Response to Pen 15 Club

  1. clisanti says:

    All this time we were wondering if you were dead. Welcome back…

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